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Welcome to the best team in Blaseball! Here's some cool stuff to help your rituals go more smoothly.

The Yellowstone Magic Team Wiki

Team Wiki

Curious about our players? Hungry for Fanart? Want to know more about the lore history of the Yellowstone National Ballpark? Just interested in exploring Yellowstone's natural beauty? Take a hike to the team wiki! (Art by Drew G.)

Voting Strategy

Want to contribute to the future success of the Magic? Take a look at our recommended blessings and decrees for this season's elections, and any other community plans we're currently focusing our spells on. (Art by @Hatfights)

WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT. Art by @Hatfights on discord
(Un)Official Twitter of the Yellowstone Magic. Art by @Em

Team Twitter

Keep up to date on our player's accomplishments, league happenings, Blaseball Cares charity initiatives, and our numerous works of propaganda. (Art by @Em) Also Check out the Magic RP community!

Blaseball Lore

Confused when people talk about the Grand Unslam? Want to know why rogue umps keep showing up? Don't know why people keep yelling stuff like #Necronut and #Snackrifice? Check out these handy guides to current and not-so current events. (Left art by Oceanblanks)

Leaf's Magic retrospective. Art by @Oceanblanks

Leaf's Magic Blaseball History

Cat Manning - Prescient thoughts on The Bleautiful Game

Cat Manning's Blaseball Substack

Moss Season- Chill Mossy tunes
Rise of the Lichens- Blood Moss Art by @ Hatfights
Fridays/Magic Cookout Playlist- Summer Sorcery Vibes
Yellowstone Magic Playlist
Yellowstone Magic Playlist
Lo-fi Beats to Cast Spells To


Check out some collaborative spotify playlists by the Yellowstone Magic community for (mostly) seasonally-appropriate Jams. (Roland art by @Hatfights, Inky by @Gracie, Hypersigil by @Ayalaventus)

As Above, so below

Got something you'd like to see here? DM me @Leaf#8837 on Discord or @Spadeandspear on twitter. Play Ball!

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